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One of Thailand’s leading English language real estate portals, just launched a new Thai website, putting it in a position to establish itself as a market leader with not only the English-speaking population of Thailand but with the Thai-speaking demographic as well.

With over 80% of the site’s current user base located in Thailand and over 25% of these users being native Thai-speakers, the website is expected to draw in a huge number of new Thai users, considerably increasing site traffic in all areas. Having launched only six months ago in June 2013, is already outranking major competitors on Google and has since established itself as a key player in Thailand’s real estate market. Since its launch, the site has experienced a monthly growth average of 67% in enquiries and visitors, and now boasts over 110,000 property listings with over 1.3 million properties viewed by active property searchers.

The rapid success that has enjoyed can be largely attributed to the founding management team’s expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing, as founder of, Ben Neve is also the founder of Smart Traffic, one of the world’s leading search marketing companies.

“This is an exciting time for both our users and our subscribers. As we’ve grown in popularity, our agents and developers have begun regularly reporting more property sales from enquiries from the site, and now with the Thai language site, we are able to expand our service to the local population,” Neve said. “This will increase our market share in terms of both properties listed and property sellers and searchers using the site, which will in turn help us take the next step in our ambitious growth plan to become the No. 1 property website in Thailand.”

Having undergone several weeks of functionality testing and quality assessment, the Thai site offers the same sophisticated online experience that English website users are familiar with. The company also worked closely with professional translators and bi-lingual site developers to provide a flawless interpretation of the content.

As the site was being created, special attention was taken toward making it as culturally relevant as possible. Additionally, new functions have been added to the Thai site, such as the ability for home owners to choose between three different packages to post their own private listings. These packages include the ability to easily upload information and descriptions of numerous properties including up to ten photos, as well as the possibility to have their listings featured as premium properties.


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