Geexstar and announce strategic cooperation

Geexstar and announce strategic cooperation

BangkokStartup has recently been through several changes, some of the visible and some of them not so much. The visible one is our new design, which provides more room for future developments – and yes they are coming.

The second, probably more significant change, is that BangkokStartup is now run an operate by Geexstar an M&A advisory that focuses on M&A advisory services for South-East Asian startups, particularly from European and US investors. GeeXstar is a boutique tech and internet advisory company for digital media companies and start-ups, covering M&A, fundraising and strategic topics, with its network across Europe, Africa and Asia it supports companies to grow internationally.

The lack of access, missing offices in the region and cultural gaps, especially for investors from Europe and US, make potential investments more complicated for European and US investors, but we can see an increasing interest in the Asian and the South-East Asian market in particular.

Geexstar has partnered with, an M&A advisory from Vietnam, in order to provide promising start-ups across Southeast Asia with fundraising and M&A advisory. Based on latest numbers, there were more than 50 tech acquisitions in SEA between 2005 and 2013. Large players like Rocket Internet close already funding rounds of $100 million from international investors and experts expect additional deal-flow also for smaller players across SEA.

A structured process for finding the right investor, or buyer, especially when talking to international financial investors or large corporates is inevitable and supports young start-ups in maximising the value. The fundraising and M&A process can take up to 6 months, with local laws and legislations even longer. Geexstar and Seedfund support the management team in structuring, due diligence and negotiations, allowing the team not to lose the operational focus during this time. Together, the companies will be able to offer international investors’ deeper insights into local markets connect startups to global investors and improve the efficiency of cross-border deals between Thailand, Vietnam and third countries.

What does that mean for BangkokStartup? Not too much. We still focus on Thailand, we still provide interviews, some PR and guest articles. The main difference is that there will be more guest contributions. Geexstar might be advising startups BangkokStartup is covering and we cannot disclose this information s during the advisory process. Once the process is completed we will be 100% transparent, of course. Likewise, if we work with investors, we can only disclose this if the contract permits us to do so. Should BangkokStartup cover stories about startups Geexstar or any of our partners has invested in, we will disclose this below the article.


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