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Thailand, or SEA for that matter, is slowly catching up with online services common in the western world. One thing that has been largely missing is booking things from the convenience of home without having to call. That time is finally over, at least for wellness and education. The startup has developed a CRM and booking solution for beauty, health, sport, and education.

Thai economy enjoyed an estimated earning of USD 997 million from medical tourism alone.

Medical and wellness in Thailand is a huge market and so is private education. Tourists come to Thailand not only for the beaches and the mostly delicious food but also for the great hospitality and wellness opportunities, but locals are even more so interested wellness and beauty packages. Whitening is so present in beauty products that one has a hard time finding products without collagen or any other kind of “I bleach you to death” ingredient. Wuttisak clinics are everywhere and Thai celebrities model themselves to beauty if necessary.

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Thailand offers a far-reaching lineup of medical and wellness service providers; from International hospitals to enterprises, the country has always been dedicated to every class of its society.In 2013, Thai economy enjoyed an estimated earning of USD 997 million from medical tourism alone. As a positive consequence, businesses in the field of medical, cosmetic and wellness are becoming busier, more in-demand and much globally competitive. For all those customers allows to  search for beauty and health services, compare them by distance, price or rating, get updated on special promotions and full offer descriptions and book offers. Thus the service helps for example avoid long phone calls, particularly difficult for expats and tourists not able to communicate in English or Thai.

Thanks to the massive amount of clinics and beauty options locals and tourist alike can get lost. saw this opportunity. Rather than promoting the big brand names, who have big marketing budgets and the latest tech to boast about anyway, they focus on small and medium enterprises by integrating an on-line CRM solution. The system which automates customer and marketing management, with all records and transactions kept in one on-line platform to minimize manual and paper work and regulate flow of data. An example feature is a customer module where all customers and their visits and procedures are profiled. provides a compact and consolidated system to SMEs in the beauty and education space.’s was founded by Alexey Abolmasov, a data and software developer who traveled all around Southeast Asia before settling down in Thailand 7 years ago. He got exposed to the beauty business through his wife who is successfully managing her own beauty business in Thailand. The combination of market knowledge and experience in data management and IT led Alexey to develop an online platform that aims to provide small SMEs an advancement through online engagement and a uniform data management, which is now called


The major benefit of,  launched in January 2014, is that it provides a compact and consolidated system to SMEs in the beauty and education space. A large number of’s customers had never had an online presence before joining the service. The shops or salons can create their profile pages for free, providing shop detail and price list to their potential customers. Additionally  delivers brand awareness and helps control business operations and transactions through their back-end. The CRM includes staff performance evaluation, multi-branch shops’ management, full customer history and activities control available both in Thai and English.

Booking through if free for all parties for now. The company currently generates revenue through its CRM system and individual promotions on the website.

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