The Hive – 24/7 work and play

The Hive – 24/7 work and play

Slowly but steady Bangkok is becoming a co-working heaven. Every month new spaces pop up. In total there are now at least 10 places spread across the city, most of them around HUBBA at Ekkamai Soi 4, which is slowly becoming a startup village, and around Thong Lor. The latest addition to Bangkok’s buzzing co-working scene is The Hive, a co-working space with roots in Hong Kong. In the middle of the hip residential area of Sukhumvit 49 the Hive, located next to Grease, boasts Bangkok’s (probably) largest co-working space.


The space has everything you can ask for, from private telephone booths, to foot massage spa, you can easily spend the day – and night, if you fancy the nightclub next door – in 20 meter proximity around the large building. The 5 floors feature private lockers, offices, hot desk areas, a rooftop bar and hangout area, and a – soon to open – restaurant on the ground floor. The British interior designer James Waterworth has created a wood infused, stylish but cozy office and living room experience for the modern nomad to work and socialize.

The founder of The Hive is Constant Tedder, co-founder and former CEO of Jagex, an online video game company that developed the MMORPG RuneScape. Constant built three spaces across Hong Kong before he decided to build the first co-working space outside the city-state.

If you would have to put the concept of Hive explain in one sentence, what would the word be and why?

The Hive is “Bangkok’s most stylish boutique serviced office” created to offer a comfortable place for those in creative industries to work and collaborate. At the Hive Bangkok we aim to provide a work environment for freelancers and entrepreneurs that inspires collaboration and creative productivity.

Why did you open a co-working space in the first place? What attracts you to the concept?

This idea started to bubble up when I was looking for offices in Hong Kong in November 2012.
I found that there wasn’t really any work space that inspired me in Hong Kong. My options at the time were to work from a cafe or from home. As an entrepreneur myself, I wanted something that provided a more comfortable and positive working environment.”

I imagined a space that not only provided a decent internet connection and a printer but also had an inspiring design and social spaces to meet with others. I decided to put all of these needs into one place and the Hive was born.

Why Bangkok, what makes Bangkok the best choice?

I looked at a range of cities for our next location. Across Asia, Bangkok stood out as a city that is bursting with creative energy. It is a city that appreciates good design and which we felt we could build an even better type of Hive.


What are you adding to the local co-working scene?

There are plenty of great co-working spaces in Bangkok. We wanted to create a space that was a bit different. One that supported a creative lifestyle with not only a great workspace but also great social spaces. At the Hive Bangkok we have 2 floors of co-working, 2 floors of offices, meeting rooms, phone booths, presentation rooms, a beautiful roof garden bar and soon a foot massage day spa.

We wanted to create a place that was far and away the best place to work in Bangkok. Especially for those in creative industries that need to collaborate on projects.

Who is your target audience, who would you like to attract?

Our target audience is: freelancers, creative entrepreneurs, dynamic start-ups, established 2-8 man companies, subsidiaries of large foreign companies and social enterprises.

The Hive enables a way of working for the new generation of globally minded entrepreneurs and creatives. Who, even though they be working with people in another country, want nevertheless to feel part of a vibrant community. Members of the Hive Bangkok can also visit our locations in Hong Kong.


Is your audience familiar with “co-working” as a concept? If not, how are you planning to educate them?

Co-working has exploded as a phenomenon in the last 3 years. If people aren’t familiar with the concept – once they come and see our space – they ‘get it’ pretty quickly!

Is The Hive Bangkok following a role-out strategy similar to Hong Kong?

In Bangkok we are adopting a similar approach to our launches in Hong Kong. First of all concentrate in building it to the highest quality level, then focus on building the community, around the activities of work and play.

What kind of events are you going for?

The Hive Bangkok runs events for learning and to encourage networking and new business connections. We will also shortly start to run workshops and courses such as social media workshops, legal clinics, and seminars on business development.


The Hive can easily reached by walking/ driving (Shuttle Service soon) down Sukhumvit Soi 49. The Hive is on the right hand side of the street, next to the nightclub Grease. The space is accessible 24 hours, with key card, while the reception is open from 8am to 8pm. The daily membership pass comes at 250THB, monthly plans start at 980THB per month.

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