Get Ready for I4-X – New Business Accelerator Coming to Bangkok

Get Ready for I4-X – New Business Accelerator Coming to Bangkok

“I4-X“ is accepting applications for it’s first term starting  September 15th The 3 month accelerator program  was developed by the Singapore based Expara IDM Venture in collaboration with N-VEst Ventures. Expara is a leading provider of incubation and mentorship to early-stage interactive and digital media (IDM) companies across South-East Asia.

I4-X will be based full-time at the co-working space Glowfish, where the companies can meet and discuss with the accelerator coaches and mentors. Each of the startups will receive a small pre-seed investment of THB 250,000 to cover the ongoing expenses of the founders.

During their 90 days weekly workshops and meetings with mentors will be organized, which allow the companies to improve their understanding of the fundamental aspects of their products and business models, as well as getting familiar with the overall concept and the terms of negotiation in fundraising all the way down to understanding the nuances of the individual clauses in the term sheets. This will prevent Startups to end up with unfavorable terms, which could hinder their future funding rounds. I4-X finishes off with a Demo day where the startups will pitch in front of invited VC’s and angel investors.

Expara IDM Venture is looking for early stage startups who are just about to push their ideas/product to the market or before startups ahead of their first seed funding. Required are a strong team of not more than 3 founders. Despite Expara’s ocus on interactive and digital media the Bangkok accelerator program is open to all kinds of ventures. There are no limits on age, gender, nationality or any industry sector.

Startups that wish to apply to the I4-X accelerator program can do so until 31 August at

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