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You can advertise on BangkokStartup for free.

Yes that is not a joke. You can indeed do send me your ads and I will publish them. There are however some limitations. Your ad has to be…

  • free of pornographic content – yes I know, I know.
  • Relevant. By relevant I mean that it should be either a service that can be of relevance to the local startup community, or is a service/ technology/ product developed by or for the community.
  • Don’t look like a you want to scam someone.
  • Red should not be dominant colour

Since I have an adserver running you can actually throw ads at me and I will rotate them.

What kind of ads does BangkokStartup support?



The banner is located on the header next to the logo.



Up to two  banners on the right hand side – just like what I have done with the promotional events. 


Four small banners that make up one big square. 


Two banners but only next to articles and not on the main page

Other ways of getting into BangkokStartup

You can just let me try your product and I, or someone with more experience in your particular area, will write an honest review. That means you will get a rating and get an article, also some good feedback.

You can also send me an email and request an interview. Often I won’t follow up directly though. That has nothing to do with your product or startup or you personally. It’s just a heck of a lot of work. I will however eventually follow up if it fits a current topic I’m working on. Don’t take it personally.