I’m sure there are many more stories to cover, not only in Bangkok but across the country. So many exciting startups are popping up everywhere. There are many amazing stories out there, lessons learned and things to be learned.

Many of you have opinions on the community, have been to an event they like or dislike, or have suggestions what the community should do, needs and so forth. It would be a shame to put all that to waste. Guest posting on is also a great way to promote yourself. We get quite a lot of enquiries from VC, Angels and people generally interested in the local startup community.

As a guest author, your profile will be prominently shown at the bottom of the page , just like my profile is shown below the articles. Also, don’t worry about your language skills. We can support Thai ¬†and English language and if you prefer to write in English but you fear that your are not fluent enough – fear not – we will edit it and get back to you with an improved version.

Guest posting guidelines

Nevertheless we have to have some rules.

  1. Original and unique content – You have to write the article yourself and you cannot publish the article, or a summary of it, on your personal blog or in other publications without prior consent with me.
  2. The article has to be relevant. Relevance can be timely – for example an event review of a local meetup, or be a relevant topic for the startup community. Readers are entrepreneurs and investors – most of the time – and the audience is predominantly from Thailand, Singapore, Japan and the US. However, people come here to read about the startup community in Thailand, so keep that in mind.
  3. KISS – Keep it Simple St*pid. No fancy words. Short paragraphs. Short sentences.
  4. You have to own the rights to publish the pictures you are adding to your article. Should you use creative commos pictures, please check with the source if an attribution is necessary – most of the time it is – and add the Photo Credits at the bottom of the text, plus a link to the owner. Creative Commons picture search is possible on the cc website.

Obviously, I will not publish every article you submit. If you bluntly advertise your startup – no, thank you very much. If you have a lesson learned from running your startup – there you go. Write stories!

How do you contribute? Simple! Send an email to and I will read it.