Digital Dinner

Digital Dinner is a series of Dinners focused on bringing local entrepreneurs and international Venture Capitalists together, with good food and tasty drinks.

The first Digital Dinner took place at Spring n Summer Thong Lor on February 28, and featured Nicolas El Baze, the General Partner at Partech Ventures, a leading venture capital firm based in San Francisco, Paris and Berlin, with $650 million under active management.

The long-time Silicon Valley VC gave a short introduction to Partech’s investment approach and global strategy and highlighted why Southeast Asia is one of the most interesting markets to look at right now. Nicolas was eager to learn about the local community and provide insights from a Silicon Valley perspective.

The Thai Startup community was represented by:
• BitConstructor
• HotelQuickly
• Launchpad
• Musketeer Media
• Page 365
• Sandbox Global
• Spanity
• WearYouWant
• 500 Trends

Additionally, international and regional entrepreneurs and investors from
• Accenture
• AdventureLink
• Arcanys
• Cunesoft
• Digital Media Partners
• Omnis Mundi Investment and
• TechInAsia

participated. Digital Dinners will be repeated across the region, allowing international investors and local entrepreneurs to build lasting relationships and gain deep knowledge about investment opportunities.